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We Finns have very special connection with nature - we are a part of it,  natural forest therapists. I'm here to guide you to get connected with our forest , to immerse yourself in our nature. 

MyTrail knows forest therapy - forest yoga, treebreathing, meditation and mindfullness techniques in nature. All this can be experienced in our national parks combined with traditional Finnish knowlede of nature. Nature wellbeing in Lapland is more than just relaxation; it's a transformative experience that harmonizes with the earth's natural rhythms and promotes sustainable living practices. It offers an opportunity to disconnect, relax, and reconnect with the fundamental aspects of our humanity, all while respecting and preserving the natural environment.

Forest Yoga is a small trip under the trees, in the heart of the forest. We walk along marked routes and reindeer paths to get to see the most beautiful landscapes. Along the way, we stop for a moment for yoga. So Forest Yoga is a hike and yoga combined. Forest yoga suits for everybody and no previous experience is needed. Asanas are easy and I customize our hike so that it makes you feel good.

Treebreathing ® combines the best features of conscious breathing, healing powers of trees and Finnish Folk Healing tradition. Treebreathing® is a genuine all-natural method which makes you feel good from inside out. It gives you deep connection to the trees and to yourself.


Forest yoga and slow hike in Oulanka National Park

Waterfalls of Oulanka, peaceful yoga and time to enjoy the silence

2016-09-12 19.34.55.jpg

Summer night walk

Midnight sun and that endless light. Arctic white nights...


Forest yoga in Riisitunturi National Park

Relaxing forest yoga + empowering hiking


Reindeer yoga

This yoga studio is surrounded by hundreds of serene and calml reindeer


Snowshoeing and saunayoga

Combine snowshoeing, sauna and yoga


Nature Being - Forest therapy walk

Forest therapy, walking in nature, forest yoga and Treebreathing


Forest yoga and nature walk close to Ruka

Great views and calming forest yoga and great views.


Silent walk in the forest

Turn off the noise, see more and hear more

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