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Me and my trail

My reason for being in Kuusamo is the same as yours - nature. We have a proper winter, a wonderful summer, and six other seasons.  The beauty of nature is incredible, and then there is The Silence. You have to hear it for yourselves to understand what I mean.​

I'm also from the south, from Helsinki. However, I have always spent most of my free time hiking, camping, skiing, and exploring the north since I was a child. It's been a long time since I moved here permanently. As the days passed, I spent more and more time in the woods, leaving office work behind. With MyTrail (MunPolku in Finnish), I combined my love of nature with my work as a guide and yoga instructor.  Here I am and there is no turning back. I love this area, nature around me, a pace of living that follows the rhythm of nature. I want to pick berries for breakfast and make my tea from spring water. I want to breathe clean air, feel the moss under my bare feet, eat snow and swim in the lakes.

We locals love and respect the nature around us, and we hope you do, too. We are happy to share all this with you, teach you something about it, and show you its beauty.

Piritta - the owner of MunPolku (MyTrail in English)

Giving Back

Tree Hugger




Trail Manager

Our crew:

We work together with other guides and companies. So don't be suprised, if you meet our fellow guides on our tours.

Psssst... some of us have some special skills. Let us know if you're interested in a specific topic, such as photography, berry picking, tracking, geography, forest yoga...

Sustainable Travel -

Giving Back and Taking Care

Clean nature and a vibrant environment are at the heart of everything we do. Without it, we will not exist. We will do our best to make it clean and vibrant in the future as well. We walk our trails with love and respect for nature. We prefer local and sustainable products and try to keep our footprints as green as possible. 

We operate in accordance with the principles of sustainable tourism, are committed to increasing the environmental awareness, minimize the environmental impact and much more.

MyTrail is a signatory of Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism, we are part of Sustainable Travel Finland programme and we are sertified Green Activities company, which operates in sustainable way.

Read more about MyTrail's environmental program.

We're treehuggers, forest folk

We have a lot of trees in Finland and yes, sometimes we burn them in campfires. Campfires are used to dry clothes, keep us warm, or cook food. Metsähallitus and its economic forests supply firewood to public fireplaces.  


Each time we have a campfire, we plant a tree. 78 trees were planted in 2021. You can help the nature too:

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