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We will take your guests on a trip to Riisitunturi, Salla, Oulanga or Hossa national parks. Our private day tours are a great way to experience nature. Your guests will have a local, experienced and knowledgeable guide all to yourself! A private tour allows us to make every trip unique, a perfect match for your customer's pace and wishes. 

Here we have great day tours to choose from and all excursions can be spiced up with forest therapies (forest yoga, nature meditation etc). Choose one or all of our day trips, combine hiking with relaxing forest therapies, add sauna between hikes, or customise departures to suit your needs.

Did you know that our tours are guided also by the Green Activities environmental program for sustainable tourism and Visit Finland's Sustainable Travel Finland program

The prices shown below are consumer prices and you will receive a price list by email.

Great tip: A whole week in nature? Land of National Parks Tour is a multi-day tour where you build your itinerary from 4 parks and 2 nature reserves.

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