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Kuusamo, Finland

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Experience the nature around us - choose one or all of our day trips, combine hiking to relaxing forest therapies, customize departures to suite you, enjoy sauna between hikes. Our private and small (1-8 persons) groups allow us to make every trip unique. We are so happy to take you there!


Snowshoe hike on wintry nature trails

Pristine nature experience in snowy forests and fells.

Winter Dec - Apr

Riisitunturi talvi.jpg

From sunrise to sunset with snowshoes

Arctic winter day is not long, but it is so beautiful - whole day in Riisitunturi National Park

Midwinter Jan-Feb


Full moon

snowshoe tour

Riisitunturi fell and taiga forest in moonlight - magical night walk with snowshoes

Winter 12/19-04/20

2018-02-17 12.15.20.jpg

Riisitunturi National Park with snowshoes

Wandering around in winter wonderland

Winter 01/20 - 04/20

2018-02-20 12.02.25.jpg

Iivaara snowshoe adventure

Arctic experience far away from everything

Winter Dec - Mar


Snowshoeing and saunayoga

Combine snowshoeing, sauna and yoga

Winter 12/19 - 04/20

Myllykoski Oulanka National Park Kansall

White waters of Oulanka National Park

Frozen waterfalls and winter forest with snowshoes

Winter Dec - Apr


1000 star

snowshoe excursion

The pearl of Ruka nightlife. Explore the wilderness after dark.

Winter 12/19 - 03/20


Little Bear's Trail with snowshoes

Best spots of wintery Oulanka National Park

Winter 01/20 - 04/20

Ikkunalampi Riisitunturi Lapland MunPolk

Hike in Riisitunturi National Park

Endless views, silence, old forest


Hike in Oulanka Canyon

Steep gorge in northern part of Oulanka National Park 


Forest Folks' Trail

Try slow hiking, some forest yoga and sitting silently on a treetrunk.


Little Bear's Trail -daytrip

The most famous hiking trail in Finland.

2018-07-08 14.47.13.jpg

Hike in Iivaara Nature Reserve

Remote and silent fell with endless views to Southern Kuusamo


Waterfalls, rapids and best views daytour

Most iconic views in Oulanka National Park in one day


Summer Night Walking

Experience the arctic summer night and midnight sun.


Hossa National Park

Magnificent wilderness, rock paintings stone age